Dree Festival

The Apatanis, who inhabit a tranquil pine clad valley called Ziro at the core of Lower Subansiri District of Arunachal Pradesh, are famous for their unique practice of wet rice cultivation.They are also known for their sustainable agricultural practices and the agricultural cycles govern their everyday lives. The agricultural festival of Dree is the highlight in this cycle.

During the Dree festival, five main deities are appeased, these are; Tamù, Metẁ, Medvr, Mepiñ and Danyi.

  • Tamu – It is propitiated to ward off the insects and pests.
  • Metii – It is propitiated to ward off epidemics and other ailments of the human beings.
  • Medvr – It is a purification ritual performed to cleanse the agricultural fields of unfavorable elements.
  • Mepin – It is performed to seek blessings for healthy crops and well being of mankind.
  • Danyi – Danyi is also propitiated for fertility of the soil, abundance of aquatic lives in the rice fields, healthy cattle and for prosperity of all human beings. Earlier, the Danyi was not performed during the Dree rituals, it was for first time introduced in 1967 a to sacrifice a Mithun donated by Late Millo Kacho.
There is no festival.