Citizen Charter



To create Citizen friendly mode of public service delivery.


To ensure timely and transparent delivery of services in accordance with Arunachal Pradesh Right to Public service Rules, 2017.


Citizens of the District and Visitors.


Si. No. Department List of Services Designated Officers Stipulated Time for Disposal
1 Deputy Commissioner Issuance of PRC Certificate DC, Ziro & ADC Yachuli 3 days
2 Deputy Commissioner Issuance of Income Certificate DC, Ziro 3 days
3 Deputy Commissioner Issuance of ST Certificate DC, Ziro & ADC Yachuli 3 days
4 Deputy Commissioner Grant & Renewal of Trade License DC, Ziro & ADC Yachuli 7 days
5 Deputy Commissioner Land Possession Certificate DC, Ziro & ADC Yachuli 1 month
6 Deputy Commissioner Issuance of ILP CO/ADC (Permanent/Temporary) 3 days
7 Deputy Commissioner Non-encumbrance Certificate DC, Ziro 7 days
8 Deputy Commissioner NOC for mortgaging govt. allotted land to financial institutions/banks for obtaining loan DC, Ziro 7 days
9 Deputy Commissioner Gap Certificate DC, Ziro 3 days
10 Deputy Commissioner Identity Card DC, Ziro 7 days
11 Deputy Commissioner Un-married/Non Remarried DC, Ziro 3 days
12 Tax & Excise Issue/Renewal of License (Retail/wholesale of IMFL) DC, Ziro 15 days
13 Eco & Statistics Issuance of Birth/Death Certificate ADC,DSO (Stat.) 2 days
14 Land Management NOC of Land Encroachment DC, Ziro 15 days
15 Food & Civil Supplies Issuance of Ration Card(GHH/AAY) DFCSO, Ziro 10 days
16 Transport Department Issuance/Renewal of Learner’s/Driving License, Transfer of Ownership of Vehicle DTO (MV), Ziro 7 days
17 Health CMAAY/PMJAY DMO 1 days
18 Health Registration under Clinical establishment act, Food safety acts and Food license DMO 3 days



Si. No. Name of the Service Supporting Document Required Contact Person
1 Scheduled Tribe (ST) Certificate Mandatory:

  • Verification of Document from GB/HGB and Admin Officer
  • Passport sized colored photo
  • Attested copy of Birth Certificate/Aadhar/Cl-X Certificate for age proof
  • Attested copy of Father’s ST certificate
  • Attested copy of Applicant’s PRC


  • Original Certificate to be surrendered in case of update
Name of Officer:- Millo Kojin

Designation:- Adl. Deputy Commissioner, HQ

Contact No.:

  1. Mobile No.:8731073356
  2. Email


Name of Officer:- Toko Babu

Designation:-Adl. Deputy Commissioner, Yachuli

Contact No.:-

  1. Mobile No:-8131911839
  2. Email


Name of Officer:- Mrs TillingYapii

Designation:-BDO, Ziro-I

Contact No.:-

  1. Mobile No.:9436047886
  2. Email


Name of Officer:-Shri Tapor Nalo

Designation:- BDO, Ziro-II

Contact Detail:-

  1. Mobile No.:-8257867940
  2. Email


Name of Officer:-Smti. Khoda Jalyang

Designation:-BDO, Hari/Hong

Contact detail:-

  1. Mobile No.:8119972285
  2. Email


Name of Officer:-Shri Nikrun Bui

Designation: BDO, Pistana

Contact Detail:-

  1. Mobile No.:9774628397
  2. Email


Name of Officer:-Tashi Wangchhu Thongdok

Designation:- CO (Yazali)

Contact Detail:-

  1. Mobile No.:7085314604
  2. Email


Name of Officer:-Smti. Sorang Yapa

Designation:- Trade development Officer

Contact Detail:-

  1. Mobile No.:9436049779
  2. Email


Name of Officer:-Chukpu Raju


Contact No.:-

  1. Mobile No.:-9436075000
  2. Email


2 Dependent Certificate Mandatory:

  • Verification letter of parents by HOD, govt. of Arunachal Pradesh stating the relationship (Government)


  • Birth Certificate (Non-Governmental)
  • Affidavit from local Executive Magistrate
  • Identity Proof(Voter ID/PAN/Aadhar/passport/Driving License)
  • Verification from concern ZPM/GPM/Bazaar secretary(General & Business)
  • Affidavit
3 Income Certificate Mandatory:

  • Salary statement for last 12 months from DDO(Government Employee)


  • Certificate from BDO(For Rural areas)


  • Certificate from DAO, DHO, DVO etc (For person having income from Agriculture, Horticulture and veterinary Sources). (APST Non-Government Employee)


  • IT return/Form 16 (Non-APST Non-government employee)


  • Proof of Address: Attested copy of Voter’s ID card/Aadhar/LPC/Land allotment passbook/Ration card/LPG card/Driver’s License
4 Permanent Resident Certificate (PRC) Mandatory:

  • Verification document from GB/HGB and Admin Officer
  • Attested copy of Land Allotment Passbook (Urban) of father/Guardian corresponding to permanent address


  • Attested copy of Land Possession Certificate (Rural) of Father/Guardian corresponding to Permanent Address
  • Attested copy of Father’s PRC
  • Passport sized colored photo
  • Applicant’s ST


  • Attested copy of Birth Certificate
  • Surrendering of previous PRC, in case of change of Address
5 Temporary Resident Certificate (TRC) Mandatory:

Category 1: APST (Government)

  • Appointment order/Transfer Order/Govt. Identity Card
  • ST Certificate

Category 2: APST (Business)

  • Trading License
  • ST Certificate

Category 3: APST (General)

  • Govt. ID Card/LPC/Land allotment passbook/Trading License of Guardian
  • ST Certificate

Category 4: Non APST (Government)

  • Appointment order/Transfer order/Govt. ID Card
  • Inner line permit

Category 5: Non APST (Business)

  • Trading License
  • Inner Line Permit

Category 6: Non APST (General)

  • Govt. ID Card/Trading License of Guardian
  • Inner line Permit
  • Certificate from Local Guardian
  • Verification from Bazaar Secretary
  • Recommendation of Admin Officer


  • Attested copy of Birth Certificate
6 Income Certificate for APST
  • Application form to be submitted through BDO/Jan Suvidha Branch, DC office
  • Aadhar card/Voter card
  • Self declaration affidavit in case of non government employee for APST
7 Income Certificate for Non-APST
  • Self declaration Affidavit before executive magistrate for Non-APST
  • Birth Certificate/Voter Card/any residential proof
8 Photo Inner line Pass
  • Photocopy of Aadhar card/Voter Card/Pan card/driving license/Indian Passport
  • Passport Size Photo-2 Nos
  • Photo ID of Local Guardian
  • Verification from concern GB/PRI or Market Association
  • Govt. employee and their relative should be verified and countersigned by head of office
9 Photo Inner line Pass Renewal (Private)
  • Original ILP Passbook
10 Provisional Inner Line Pass
  • Photo copy of Aadhar/Voter/Driving License/Indian Passport
  • Verification from the concerned Head of Office, GB, Panchayat Leader
11 Trade License New
  • ST Certificate
  • PRC
  • Land Allotment with sketch map/LPC
  • Food license for food items
  • NOC from GB of concern area and building sketch
  • Building Map/NOC from PWD department, if in town area
12 Trading License Renewal
  • Treasury Challan with original TL Book
13 LPC
  • As per Government Norm
14 NOC (for DPC/MACP etc.)
  • format and survey report to be filled
15 NOC on Land Encroachment
  • format and survey report to be filled
16 Orphan Certificate
  • Death certificate of Father and Mother
17 KCC Registration/PMJDY/PMJJBY
  • Sketch map (for KCC)
  • Aadhar/Voter ID/PRC
Name of Officer: Ajay Krishna Choudhary

Designation: Lead District Manager, SBI

Contact Details:-

  1. Mobile No.:8583931711
  2. Email
  • Aadhar/DDO certificate (for Govt. employees)
Name of Officer:-Dr. Tage Kanno

Designation:- District Medical Officer

Contact Detail:-

  1. Mobile no.:9436059165
  2. Email



19 Registration under Clinical establishment act
  • Staff qualification certificate
  • Trading License
  • Non pollution certificate
  • Duly filled format
20 Registration of Food safety acts and food License
  • Self declaration of land ownership/land lease agreement copy
  • Aadhar/voter ID card
  • water/Light Bill
  • Pass port photo of Applicants
21 Driving License
  • Aadhar/PRC/Medical fitness certificate
Name of Officer:- Remar Gab

Designation:-DTO (MV)

Contact Detail:-

  1. Mobile No.:8730995980
  2. Email
22 Bank Credit linkage for SHGs and Training
  • domicile of the village/Block
Name of Officer:-Kepor Mara

Designation: DMM,SRLM


  1. Mobile No.:9402892159
  2. Email
23 Character Certificate
  • Letter of recommendation by HOD, Government of Arunachal Pradesh (government employee)


  • Police verification report from local police station (Non Government employee)


  • Letter of Recommendation by Head of educational institution (Student)
  • Passport sized colored photo
Name of officer:- Harsha Indora, IPS



  1. Mobile No.:-9582855905
  2. Email
25 Live Birth Registration
  • Medical Document of birth/concern certificate from GB/ Class X pass certificate
  • parents (Father and mother) address proof documents
  • Court Affidavit (Declaration) in case birth is registered after 21 days
Name of Officer:- Kago Tallo

designation: ADE&Stat.


  1. Mobile No.:-8131848231
  2. Email



26 Death Registration
  • Any identity card of the deceased, parents and spouse
  • death report from medical
27 Aadhar
  • ST/Birth certificate
28 Issuance of Ration Card (GHH/AAY)
  • Passport Photo of Head of family and Family group photo
  • Aadhar card of all family member
  • Mobile and account no. of head of family
  • EPIC xerox copy of all adult members
  • Income/employment certificate in case the applicant is contingent staff
Name of Officer: Shri Hage Tath

Designation:- DF&CSO


  1. Mobile No.:9485259558
  2. Email



ADC (HQ) and ADC (Yachuli) are designated as the grievance redressal officers for the purpose of service delivered from Deputy Commissioner, Lower Subansiri District.

Si. No. Name of Officer Designation Contact No. Email ID
1 Shri Millo Kojin ADC (HQ) 8731073356
2 Shri Toko Babu ADC (Yachuli) 8131911839

You can also put your grievance/feedbacks in the Grievance Box placed in front of the office or can Email to-



  1. Submission of applications correct/ complete with requisite documents and fee.
  2. Timely submission of applications to avoid last minute rush.


Si. No. Name Designation Contact No. Email ID
1 Smti. Somcha Lowang Deputy Commissioner 8414816672
2 Shri Millo Kojin ADC (HQ) 8731073356
3 Shri Toko Babu ADC (Yachuli) 8131911839
4 Shri Badonlum Tawsik SDO (Old Ziro) 8794140625
5 Smti. Tame Yajum EAC (Ziro) 946224691
6 Smti. Tana Yaho EAC (Yachuli) 8415894799
7 Shri Tage Tatung EAC (Ziro) 6969755783
8 Smti. Khoda Jalyang CO (Ziro) 8119972285
9 Miss Amina Nabam CO (Ziro) 9873824789
10 Shri Tashi Wangchhu Thongdok CO (Yazali) 7085314604
11 Shri Nikrun Bui CO (Pistana) 9774628397
12 Miss Toko Anu CO (Yachuli) 9773912733



Si. No. Name Designation Contact No.  Email ID
1 Er. Dogin Tade EE, (Elect.) 9774653941/7085242512
2 Er. Gambi Karback EE, (RWD) 8974985280
3 Er. Hage Mobbing EE, (WRD) 8794740810
4 Er. Gyati Anda EE, (Highway) 8415080348
5 Er. Lod Nakku EE, (Hydro Power) 9436272762
6 Er. N.L Togu EE (PWD), Ziro Division 8416045725
7 Er. Nich Raju EE, (PHE&WS) 9862957070
8 Er. Nich Jacob EE, (UD&Housing) 8732011483
9 Er. Nabam Tado EE, (PWD) Yazali Division 8259947690
10 Er. Ojing Jerang EE, (Elect.) Yazali Division 8974640622
1 Shri Kumri Murtem District Horticulture Officer 8259049660
2 Shri Tasso Butung District Agriculture Officer 9774664905
3 Dr. Hano Tama District AH & Vety. Officer 8259024408
4 Shri Liagi lasa District Fisheries Dev. Officer 7085908907
1 Shri Gyati Kacho Principal ITI 8729830575
2 Dr. Rejir Karlo Principal Govt. Collage Yachuli 8257839382
3 Shri Tabia Chobin DDSE 9436252990
4 Dr. Modang Rita Principal, DIET, Yachuli 8974959890
1 Shri Abhinav Kumar, IFS DFO 8974131911
2 Smti Dani Yami Deputy Director (ICDS) 9862552114
3 Smti Nima Drema DDMO 8794311083
4 Smti Ramar Jokik DIPRO 9774171676
5 Shri Gollo Jabang DRO 9402477314
6 Shri Rad Camdir Mai AMDO 9436272782
7 Shri Laldingliana Sailo ADTH 8132884893
8 Shri Joram Taga DLIO 9436053983
9 Shri Tilling Tamang e-Governance Officer 8974985406
10 Shri Gyati Kobing DRCS 7628930973
11 Shri Mudang Tago Asst. Director Of industry 8131870614
12 Smti Takhe Rinyo Superintendent (T&E) 8794270752
13 Shri Punyo Yaje Commissioner (Tax, Excise & Narcotics) 8794107719
14 Shri H. H Atung Assistant Controller 9612655083
15 Shri C. W Lohan District Treasury Officer 9436223365
16 Shri Hage Tath DF & CSO 9485259558
17 Dr. Joram Tatum District Planning Officwer 8414982377