Ziro Festival of Music

Ziro Festival of Music is one of the premier outdoor music event of India. This festival has been organised by the state tourism department as an annual calendar event in the month of September. Various renowned musical bands from national and international gives a live performance in the four days event. Many activities like trekking, heritage walk, bird watching etc. has been organised on the sideline during the festival.

Panyor River Festival

Panyor River Festival is one of the adventure and recreational activities commenced on the bank of Panyor river at Yazali (on the way to ziro), where activities like Paragliding, river rafting expedition etc. are done.

Hakhe Tari Trek

It is one of the most amazing hikes of the district. The beautiful waterfall of Pange river leave you spell bound. It is 6.5km distance of trek.

Talle Valley Trek

This trek offers undisturbed pristine climax vegetation and primeval mountain wilderness. Indulge yourself in an experience of valley of flower and be amaged be the virgin forest that welcomes you withrange of vibrent flora and fauna. it covers a distance of 32km from ziro town.