There are 3(three) major tribes in Lower Subansiri District namely Apatanis, Nishis and Hill Miri.
Apatani Tribe - The Apatanis belong to the Tibeto-Mongoloid stock. All Apatanis trace their descent from one legendary ancestor, ABOTANI. They migrated to this magnificent valley from northern areas, beyond Khru and Kime rivers. This reveals from finding of three neolithic belts at Parsiparlo and Raga circle and historical remains at Talle Valley by Archoelogical findings. ..... More
Apatani Girls
Nishi Tribe - The Nishis, also called Nishangs in the upper areas are believed to belong to the Tibeto-Mongoloid stock. All Nishis trace their descent from legendary ancestor, ABOTANI, whose sons are believed to have been the fore father of three groups of clans known as DOPUM, DODUM and DAL respectively. The Nishis, inhabitants of the western half of the district, are migrated from northern area beyond Khru and Kime river. .... More
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Hill Miri Tribe - The Hill Miris are fair in complexion. Their main concentration is spread over Raga Circle. Main festival is BOORIBOOT, which is being celebrated in the month of February with full of rejoicing and enthusiasm. They weave elegant garments and are fond of dance and music. The Socio-economic and political life of the Hill Miris are almost similar to that of the Nishis. There are, of course, certain regional differences. For example, the Hill Miri’s have only three to four hearths, their head-dress is more elaborate and they claim association with the Miri of the plains.
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